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The WCIRB is authorized by the California Insurance Code (§11750.3) and Part 3, Section VI, of the California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995  to inspect the premises of any insured business for classification assignment purposes. These comprehensive inspections ensure that insurers use the proper classification assignments when reporting data to the WCIRB regarding an employer's workers' compensation insurance policy. Accurate classification assignments and payroll reporting are necessary to ensure the integrity of the data used in the experience rating system. Once an inspection is completed, the WCIRB will automatically send a copy of the inspection report to the employer.

Further Information:

Types of Inspections

  • Original - When an employer first qualifies for experience rating, the WCIRB will perform an inspection.
  • Renewal - Experience-rated employers are reinspected approximately every seven to ten years. Renewal inspections are performed to verify that the classification codes assigned in the previous inspection are still valid.
  • Special - A special inspection may be requested in writing by an insurer to resolve any classification issues between an employer and their insurer. Insurers must pay for these inspections.

Test Audit

The WCIRB randomly selects a number of employers for a test audit based on a quota for each insurer. The test audit is performed to verify the accuracy of your insurer's final audit and will generally not occur more than once every four years.

Requesting an Inspection

If an insurer requires assistance in classifying a business, it may request an inspection. Requests for inspections are only accepted from an insurer. Employers who would like to have a WCIRB inspection must pursue the request through their insurer. If the insurer refuses to make the request, the insurer should provide the employer with an explanation as to why and detail the options for appealing the classification decision.

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