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Who Is the WCIRB?

The Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) is California's trusted, objective provider of actuarially-based information and research, advisory pure premium rates and educational services integral to a healthy workers' compensation system.

As part of our mission, we have two enterprise pillars and five strategic imperatives that drive the WCIRB's operations:

Enterprise Pillars

  1. Cultivate a safe space where we thrive in active pursuit of our mission
    We champion diverse perspectives and abilities, promote curiosity and spirited dialogue, trust in positive intentions, and take active ownership of our work and careers.
  2. Safeguard data and information and responsibly manage organizational assets
    We safeguard customer data and information by having robust security, data access management, enterprise risk management, disaster recovery and business continuity plans and a vigorous internal and external audit program. We responsibly manage our assets through strong fiscal controls and oversight.

Strategic Imperatives

  1. Enable the relevance and integrity of the system as California’s Designated Statistical Agent
    We enable the alignment of an employer’s cost to their employees’ exposure to workplace injury by providing accurate advisory pure premium rates, experience modifications and standard classification assignments.
  2. Enhance member success through expanded data and analytics
    We enhance member decision making through active collaboration, expanding data sources, and building interactive analytics and benchmarking tools.
  3. Streamline the transaction of insurance through modern exchange of data and information
    We improve the efficiency of the workers’ compensation insurance system by modernizing the timely exchange of accurate data and information.
  4. Inform stakeholders of emerging system trends and their impact through innovative research
    We conduct high quality and innovative research to develop forward looking insights that inform stakeholders and advance the health of the system.
  5. Enrich customer knowledge through purposeful engagement and education
    We build trusted relationships with industry professionals and deliver focused educational services to increase workers’ compensation acumen and capabilities.

How the WCIRB Operates

The WCIRB is a California unincorporated, private, nonprofit association comprised of all companies licensed to transact workers' compensation insurance in California and has over 400 member companies. No public money is used to fund its operations. The operations of the WCIRB are funded primarily by membership fees and assessments. Click the link below to see the list of member companies.

The WCIRB employs approximately 200 people, and the office is located in Oakland, California. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, visit our Job Opportunities page. 

The WCIRB and Workers' Compensation In California

To accurately measure the cost of providing workers' compensation benefits, the WCIRB performs a number of functions, including collection of premium and loss data on every workers' compensation insurance policy, examination of policy documents, inspections of insured businesses and test audits of insurer payroll audits and claims classification.