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General Exclusions

Certain operations present a unique exposure to hazard that is not common or prevalent in most industries. Employees who are engaged in these activities must be assigned to a separate classification. These activities, referred to as General Exclusions, include the following:

  • Aircraft operation — all members of the flying crew e.g., pilots, navigators, etc.
  • New construction or alteration work (work that goes beyond facility maintenance or repair)
  • Foundry operations
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Day care services if provided by the employer primarily for use by its employees' dependents

General Exclusions Example

If a company operates a machine shop and a foundry to produce castings, the foundry activities would be assigned to the appropriate foundry classification, not to the machine shop classification. Most machine shops do not operate foundries, and operating a foundry is a unique exposure that requires a separate classification.

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