Classification Search Tips

Follow these steps to locate classifications based on keywords that are part of, or commonly associated with, classification phraseologies.

  1. Enter a search term or classification code in the Search by Keyword or Classification Code field. When searching, please note that with few exceptions it is the business of the employer within California that is classified, not the separate occupations or operations within the business.
  2. If desired, narrow your search by choosing an industry group from the “Filter by Industry” pull-down menu.
  3. Click the “Apply” button.

The Classification Search function supports Boolean searches that include use of operators AND and OR. They must be in all caps. 

To search for records that contain two or more terms, use the "AND" operator, all caps.  

To search for records that contain one term or another term, use the "OR" operator, all caps. 

The Classification Search function also supports Boolean searches that include use of operator NOT. It must also be in all caps. 

To search on a partial word but eliminate other terms, use "-"  For example:  taxi* -taxidermist
This will find any terms starting with taxi but not include the term taxidermist.  Please note the dash has to be next to the second term, with no space. 

Partial Word/Wildcard search is supported with a *.  For example: taxi* will pick up taxicab and taxidermist. *car* would find words containing "car" and *ment would find words like "investment."