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Classification Basics


WCIRB CompEssentials: Classification Basics is a 4+ hour course composed of nine modules that are approximately 15-20 minutes each. Students who successfully complete this course will learn:

  • How to apply the rules of the USRP, including concepts such as the Single Enterprise and Multiple Enterprises rules, Special Industry Classification Procedures, Standard Exceptions, General Inclusions and General Exclusions
  • How to read classification phraseologies and footnotes
  • How to use WCIRB resources to determine the correct workers’ compensation classification for basic operations
  • How the WCIRB classification inspection and test audit process works
  • How to get classification assistance and the process for disputing an incorrect classification assignment.

For licensed Property and Casualty professionals, WCIRB CompEssentials: Classification Basics is approved for 5 Continuing Education (CE) credits toward a Property Casualty license with the CaIifornia Department of Insurance.


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