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President’s Message to Our California Workers’ Compensation Community

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Watch President and CEO Bill Mudge and colleagues here at the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) discuss how we embrace human connectedness through our work supporting a healthy California workers’ compensation system.

President's Message to Our California Workers’ Compensation Community

Bill Mudge, President and CEO 

Run time: 2:46

Customer Service

  • Amanda Taylor-Chaisson, Director of Contact Center and Classification Administration 
  • Qyon Griffith, Senior Contact Center Analyst 

Run time: 1:15

Virtual Classification Inspections

  • Paul Kim, Managing Director of Classification and Test Audit and Contact Center 
  • Desiree Laureano, Classification and Test Audit Field Representative 

Run time: 1:07


Virtual Education

  • Cheena Malicki, Outreach and Education Director 
  • Sandra Molnar, Managing Director of Finance  

Run time: 2:23

Medical Research

  • Julia Zhang, PhD, Vice President of Data Analytics 
  • Lucy Chen, Data Analyst 

Run time: 1:31


  • Laura Carstensen, Vice President of Actuarial Research
  • Dilan Sahin, Senior Indemnity Research Analyst

Run time: 0:53

Information Technology

  • Roger Cottman, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer 
  • Christopher Wong, Senior Director of IT Infrastructure Operations and Support

Run time: 0:51